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About us

ZALİX, operating in the healthcare & cosmetic sectors, is one of the leading companies of its field in Turkey. 

Our Company, conducting its business activities particularly in our country, as well as in the Turkic Republics, Europe, Russia, Middle East and North Africa, is manufacturing its products under the brand names of Zalix and Androxin, and besides this is acting as subcontractor in the form of Private Label for other brands.

In our customer portfolio it is included Pharmaceutical Companies, Pharmaceutical Warehouses, Pharmacies, Hospitals, Hair Transplant Centers, Esthetic Care Centers, Hairdressers and Beauty Centers.



Our Company advancing ahead on its route to become one of the leading entities of Healthcare and Cosmetic Sectors, is paying ultimate attention to encompass a vision which is dedicated to:

-Adopting ethical work principles,
-Employing qualified and well-trained labor force,
-Generating solutions to the requirements of its customers,
-Possessing a wide range of premium quality products,
-Respecting an environment-friendly approach and awareness.



We are ascribing utmost essence to becoming a business entity

-Adopting principles pertaining to healthy and high quality life standards,
-Open to all developments worldwide,
-Rapidly assuming and keeping pace with any and all changes,
-Preparing a Professional work ambient for its employees,
-Not compromising its product quality,
-Keeping customer satisfaction foremost,
-Utilizing the resources in Turkey,
-Through high and substantial investments in research and development activities, becoming an entity setting forth long term strategies.

About Us